Tell me where and when did you first actually meet?

Mike and I met at a bar in Toronto (the good old fashion way ;)) on Victoria Day weekend in 2019.

When did you know that your partner was the one? Details please!

Mike told me and all his friends he was in love the day we met. But our relationship actually started off very slow for the following few months. We have been doing long distance on and off for the last few years. We have now renovated and flipped two houses together and we will be building our dream home this year. If our relationship can stand the test of home reno’s…I think we’re meant to be!

How and when did the BIG question get popped?!?!

The BIG question was popped on May 19th, 2022…exactly 3 years after we met. We were having wine on the dock at the cottage and Mike got down on one knee.

What are your top 3 favourite moments you loved most during our wedding day and why?

1. The Ceremony – this was one of my top three moments.. After all, it is what the day is about. I loved this moment because it was intimate and emotional for us. Our good friend officiated our wedding and made it super personal. And I loved sharing our personal vows!

2. Sunset Photos – the day can easily get away from you. It becomes busy talking to guests and making sure everything is going as planned. Our sunset photo session gave us 30-45 minutes to step away from the reception and the guests and have some one on one time with your photographer. These photos are my favourite of the whole day and really captured the real magical moments.

3. The reception – Our reception was perfect. We only had 25 guests attend our wedding and it was truly a dream come true to have the people closest to us all together in one place, drinking, dancing and listening to all of our favourite songs being performed by an AMAZING live band.

What are your favourite Wedding Details?

I loved my dress. I wore the Opal by Grace Loves Lace and it fit in perfectly with the classic and simple theme of the wedding. Another detail I adored were our florals. We kept it simple and had sporadic single flowers in vintage vases. And lastly, the fall leaves and the scenery. Our wedding took place in the Kawarthas during the fall…the colours were beautiful and I couldn’t have pictured a better backdrop.

What would be a piece of advice you would give to other couples getting married?

Don’t stress about the little details! This is your wedding day…try not to get away from what it should really be about – celebrating your love!

Here to tell your story and celebrate your love.

(In the most authentic way possible)

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