Favourite Quote

“You are my love story, 
and I write you into 
everything I do, 
everything I see, 
everything I touch and 
everything I dream, 
you are the words that fill my pages.”
Poem by a. r. asher

I once read that someone who experiences incredible loss come to know more about love because they know what it costs to lose someone. Nothing last's forever. Let me preserve your memories for you. Let me make your memories tangible and everlasting moments you will love and look back on forever.  

A few more things you should know about me:
ONE: I love living in the quiet countryside with my husband matt and our daughters Evelynne And May.
TWO: As a little girl, my Mom and I would sit on the front porch on a rainy day and listen to the rain and thunder. Now that I have my own front porch I still sit and listen to thunderstorms and watch the rain, but now share this magic with my own kids.
THREE: I love spending time at the lake with my family. Canoeing, swimming, riding the waves behind a boat on an inner tube. My family has been visiting the same lake since my grandmother was born. I love family traditions and I am so excited for my children to grow up swimming and splashing in the very same lake I did.


Thanks so much for dropping in. Before we get started, let's get to know each other.
These are my parents. They are way cooler than I am. They have always been my biggest support in life. I love their love story. High school sweet hearts and together for 38 years before my dad suddenly passed away. Their story is my story. Their love is my love. And just like their story and love, your story and love deserves to be documented and shared. 

Wedding & family photographer for Adventurous and outdoorsy Folk   

I'm inspired by nature, candid moments, raw emotions, human connection, and fleeting moments.


I lead with love and connection, always!

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It's all about the beautiful memories.

(Let's Capture Magic together)

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