I had always wanted to photograph a forest wedding at Whispering Springs. So when Anjelica and Colin inquired I was super excited! A few of my favourite moments of the day are : it was a beautiful ceremony under a canopy of pine trees that literally rained pine needles throughout. It was so truly magical. Anjelica’s reaction at finally getting to the first kiss and walking down the aisle with Colin. Grinning ear to ear! And even though it was a rainy over cast day the sky turned to fire just in time for a moment alone with the epic sunset!

More about Anjelica and Colin and their epic day:


One of my friends from high school and two of Colin’s friends from high school played in a band together – we met at one of their concerts. After that, Colin worked at a Starbucks in the area, I used to go in and just ask him to make me a drink because I didn’t know how to order.

Tough one. It’s been so long. There are so many moments every day that remind me we are right for each other.

He asked me to marry him on his 30th birthday after people had left our house. Nothing fancy, he was just waiting in our room while I was cleaning up after dinner. With everything going on with covid, it was perfect. I should say I knew it was coming, I designed the ring.

We both agree that the first look has to be number one. Seeing each other for the first time, “alone” in the forest was so wonderful after the anticipation of the morning. The other brief moments where we were able to sneak away to spend some time alone are also treasured memories. Everyone tells you it’s a busy day, but you don’t really appreciate it until you live it, taking that time to slow down and just take in was so nice. The ceremony itself was so perfect. We loved including the traditional hand-fasting, as well as having two readings that meant a lot to us and to our journey as a couple. Our musicians so beautifully created a peaceful and enchanting atmosphere by playing songs that were important not only to us, but to our families as well. That forest is also such a magical place, and the pine needles raining down on us at the start of the ceremony was something out of a story book. Lastly, the dance party. Oh man. Irish dancing, line dancing, moshing, I don’t know how my dress survived the squat kicks, or how my hair survived the headbanging. We made the ground shake stomping, and sang (yelled) into the night to finish off the most epic party I’ve ever been to.

A: I don’t want to brag too much about it haha. I put a lot of thought into all of the details for the wedding, and probably drove one of my bridesmaids closer to insanity with my discussions of minutia. The flowers and the greenery came out looking better than I ever could have envisioned. The bridesmaids bouquets, the ferns in the forest, the potted plants on the tables, juxtaposed with the colours in my veil and my bouquet. It felt like summer was hanging on just a little bit longer amidst the fall foliage. I was also just so thrilled at the fact that all the gents were so excited to wear kilts! C: Everything in the pavilion, table settings and decor, welcome sign, I can’t be more specific, everything. The memorial table was also something very important to both of us, but especially pointed since my Granpi passed away shortly before the wedding and our friend Robbie should have been standing next to us.

Be very careful who’s opinions you solicit and for what. Specifically, remember that your parents probably have dreamt about this for you for a long time, and have their own vision, but it might not be in line with yours. If you know or suspect they might shoot down ideas, don’t present them as options, present them as decisions you’ve already made. Seeing you happy with YOUR vision coming to life is the most powerful way to convince them. Remember, your wedding is about celebrating your love, your relationship, in the way best honours you as a couple.

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