To say I was excited to photograph Lisa and Blair’s wedding would be an understatement. I love Sydenham Ridge Estates. It is always a joy to travel to London, Ontario to document weddings there. Lisa and Blair vision was truly unique. A very non-traditional timeline and I freaking loved it; first look, all their photos, an outfit change, dinner and then their epic ceremony just after dark, under a big old oak tree covered in twinkle lights, and a canopy of Edison lights. It was straight out of a fairytale.

More from Lisa and Blair and their amazing day:

Our top three favourite moments were: – The Ceremony: We loved that it was different. We had never seen a nighttime wedding before. Everyone commented the same thing that it “looked like a fairytale” which made us so happy that it was just as romantic as we pictured it being. – First Dance: We absolutely loved doing our first dance as the Anniversary Dance. Although it is traditional that the bride and groom have that intimate moment, we wanted everyone to be involved. By the end of the song, the dance floor was filled with everyone we loved! It was such a wholesome moment, not only between Blair and I, but just being able to look around and seeing so many other people in love. – Pre-Ceremony Reception: As our ceremony was at night, we knew a lot of people would head home right after. We wanted every chance to see our guests, so we held a pre-ceremony reception. We had so many compliments on this, just having such a relaxed dinner with everyone, hanging out in the sunshine. It was one of the best decisions we made!

Our favourite wedding details were: – Blair in his Serge: After the pre-ceremony reception, Blair and I both changed into our ceremony attire. I didn’t want to be the only one with two outfits! Blair worked so hard for his serge, and it really added a hint of colour to the nighttime setting. We are so happy we decided on him changing! – The ceremony glow sticks: We wanted to involve the guests as much as possible. They came to support us in a huge way so we wanted to make it as fun for them as it was for us. At the entrance of the ceremony, we had glow sticks for everyone to grab to “Help us light up the night”! I thought it was such a simple yet fun little touch for the guests to grab while getting seated for the ceremony. – Cake Pops: We didn’t want to have cake or cupcakes at our wedding just because we didn’t want it to get wasted. Instead, for simplicity, we did cake pops. We found these extremely easy to pass out and there wasn’t many left over. It was a cute and different touch to the traditional cake and cost effective!

Oh man, someone told us to just enjoy the day as it would go by so fast. But the day just felt so long that no way it would go as fast as they say. Well, they were right. From waking up, in a blink of an eye I was jamming to Spice Girls at 2am on the dance floor realizing the day was over. Take every moment in. Enjoy the time with your loved ones and don’t stress about the day. Whatever happens will happens and the memory will be what really matters. And also – eat. The day is long, so don’t forget to get some food in you! And lastly, just have fun. You both have spent so much time and effort planning this day, don’t get caught up on the stress or the what ifs if things go wrong. It will all work out, so just have fun!!

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