suggestions for each type of session

At the end of the day, I want you to feel completely like yourself when you look back on these images and part of that is wearing what most feels like you. These are merely suggestions please do not feel like you are confined to these creative pointers.

Always choose items that feel the most you!

First take a look in your closet. No need to purchase new outfits unless you want to.


I highly recommend soft neutrals and earth tones.

please no logos, busy patterns or bright neon colours. I want you to be the main focus of the images not your outfits. If booking a newborn session a solid neutral, earth tone, white onesie or nude is best. Also have ready any favourite blankets or muslin wraps you may have.

when choosing your outfit consider movement- can you move comfortably in it? -is it flowy? a lot of movement can add visual interest and playfulness to your images. TRY: flowy, airy, textured, soft, warm OVER: stiff outfits.

here is a link to a Pinterest board I have created for inspiration. CLICK HERE

consider: flowy dresses, cozy oversized sweaters, denim, T-shirts, bare feet, leather boots, timeless shoes

intimate sessions

No matter what nothing is more important than making a safe and comfortable space for you.

what to consider to wear for an INTIMATE session

bare legs, under-garments, partially or fully nude

For ideas and inspiration check our this Pinterest board. CLICK LINK

Again, this guide merely full of suggestions. Please do not feel pressured to follow it. Do not be stressed about it the photos and experience will be amazing no matter what because we are documenting you and your love. I am always a resource. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.