Moody Fall Wedding at Farmhill

May 19, 2023
What are your top 3 favourite moments you loved most during our wedding day and why?

1) First look – When planning our wedding, I read blog after blog after blog about what to expect, what to prepare, what traditions to include. Many pieces of advice focused on the grooms first look of the bride. For me, one of the most special moments was my first look of Branden! To see him all dressed up (in something other than dusty work clothes!) with his beautiful smile brought tears to my eyes instantly. 2) Having both of our families come together – Our guests were so special to us. To see the love and happiness come together was heart warming. Our families travelled from all over Canada and, for some, it was the first time meeting. We all became one big family, especially out on the dance floor! 3) “I DO!” – The wedding ceremony was absolutely magical. The November sunshine, our family gathered around, being married by a family friend, some of our favourite songs playing, the beautiful flowers. We couldn’t have hoped for a more perfect moment.

What are your favourite Wedding Details?

Farmhill! What an absolutely beautiful property and venue. The animals, the gorgeous views, the amazing staff members, the fun drinks, the atmosphere… I could go on and on! Watching our guests arriving to Farmhill and seeing their reactions to such a lovely venue was a feeling that I will never forget. Our vendors! Each detail of our wedding was perfect. It was such a great feeling to work with people that we trusted, who were experts in their fields, and who came together as one big team to create such a perfect day for us.

What would be a piece of advice you would give to other couples getting married?

Do what you want to do! You will have many, many opinions given to you on what “the perfect wedding day” looks like, but in the end, the only opinions that matter are yours and your partners. Don’t sweat the small things. Your magical day is going to be magical and full of love, regardless of the weather, if you’re morning alarm doesn’t go off, if you forget your speech at home… The small things are not going to matter in the end.