Happy Thursday all! I am super excited that an image from Rob and Brittany’s summer wedding at Natures Bounty Orchard is being featured along side 29 wedding images in the Love Actually Collection at the Gladstone Hotel. So in celebration Brittany and Rob’s love story is featured here on my blog today.
1. How did you meet?

Sometimes we say we met thanks to a mutual friend (partially true) but it was thanks to a mutual swipe right that we agreed to meet up and go on a date to a gastro bistro in London, Ontario.

2. How did you get engaged?

It was May Long Weekend and Rob’s first spring at the farm. Rob and I packed a picnic basket and I our plan was to walk around the farm and picnic on the hill overlooking the apple blossoms. We were just sitting there, in lawn chairs with the most glorious view when Rob got down on one knee in front of me and popped the question! I was completely shocked, but obviously said YES!

3. Top 3 Best Moments during your wedding day and why?

1. Reading our Letters – This allowed us a time for an intimate moment, just Rob and I standing hand in hand reading our most personal thoughts to each other about to take one of the biggest steps of our lives. I think we both acknowledged the true gravity of our decisions leading up to this point and it just made the day so much more meaningful.  2. First Look-  Seeing each other for the first time was spectacular – I am the absolute worst at keeping secrets, so I was so happy I didn’t have to wait a second longer to show Rob my dress!   3. Moment to ourselves post ceremony – This totally gave us the time to decompress and process what just happened – we are married! We found our wedding day just flew by, so having these moments post ceremony where it was just the two of us/ our lovely photographers at times truly allowed us to take a moment and just BE!

4. Any advice for other couples getting married?

Make a Back Up Plan for Alternate Weather. Our dream was to have our ceremony at the orchard because of the meaning it had for us. Knowing that weather was outside of our control, we did make alternate ceremony arrangements to be indoors and a plan to ensure guests are notified in advance so they go to the correct location. I think just feeling prepared for this helped give us some peace of mind. Thankfully, the weather pulled through and it was a beautiful day but we were still really happy we made alternate arrangements just incase!

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