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I am so thankful that you have chosen Aleisha Boyd Photography to be a part of your big day! I could not be more excited to document this amazing time in your lives. I have been so fortunate to have planned my very own wedding 12 years ago, as well as having witnessed quite a few over the last 10 years. In the process I have learned a thing or two and would love to share all my knowledge with you. I have created this welcome guide to help you with part of the planning process. However, this was not created to overwhelm you as planning a wedding can be stressful at times, but merely to provide suggestions. At the end of the day it is your day and you are going to choose what is right for you. Enjoy every minute of your engagement; this is truly an exciting time. Thank you so much for trusting me with documenting your day. It's going to be epic! If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!

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Peterborough Wedding Photographers, Peterborough Photographers


Engagement sessions are a lot of fun and a fantastic way for us to get to know each other before your wedding day. You would see first hand how I work and my approach to portraits. As well, it gives you a chance to get comfortable in front of my camera. By having an engagement session you are bound to feel much more relaxed on your wedding day. It is important to me that my clients choose the location for their engagement sessions. This way, they are always full of meaning, even before the camera comes out. It gives me more of a glimpse into your lives and relationships. The session is immediately more familiar and intimate.

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Wear what you feel most comfortable in. Some clients like to dress up, while others like their everyday casual style. My goal is to capture you in your element and doing things you love to spend time doing with each other, so feel free to be creative with your wardrobe. Here is a great resource as well: https://www.pinterest.ca/aleishaboydphotography/w-e-a-r/


I always recommend two times of day for engagement sessions; at sunrise and at sunset better known as golden hours. The light at these two times of day make for incredibly beautiful portraits. For portraits, it is best to avoid capturing them between 10-3, as the sun is high and over powering. Also, if the day is overcast please do not stress. The clouds create a perfect even light stellar for portraits.

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Getting ready is a beautiful time to capture pre-wedding photo's, but sometimes the energy can be ruined by the aesthetic. A cluttered dark space takes away from genuine moments.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:.

getting ready

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To ensure the most beautiful photos possible, choose locations with lots of natural light that are spacious. I recommend getting dressed in one of the brightest rooms with the most windows. Windows are the best. I prefer to turn off all the lights and rely only on window light whenever possible.

I know there is a lot going on during a wedding day morning, but keep clutter hidden and to a minimum. Keep bags, suitcases, clothing etc., in a different room or closet.

If you are having hair and makeup come to you, I recommend you have you hair and makeup done by window light. It is the most flattering light and helpful to create lovely images.

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your partner

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Please collect all your important details that you would like documented and have them ready for me. That way I can photograph them and then focus all my energy on your beautiful getting ready moments.


The first look has became one of my most favourite moments to capture on a wedding day! The first look is a romantic and super intimate moment designed just for the two of you. It allows you to have an uninterrupted moment together before you exchange your "I Do's." I recommend doing a first look for a few reasons. It calms your nerves. There is nothing that relaxes brides and grooms more than finally seeing each other and enjoying intimate moments alone before the official events begin. It gives you more time to take it all in.

A first look allows you to share what you are feeling and be with each other in every moment. It makes your timeline easier and more relaxed. The first look allows you to schedule your day with more of a natural flow. By scheduling your family portraits and/or bridal party portraits for just after your first look, this will allow you to spend so much more time with each other, with your lovely guests enjoying your cocktail hour and having more opportunity for candid moments. This is a huge, as it allows you to enjoy every moment of the amazing party you spent so much of your time planning. However, if you have always envisioned yourself seeing your partner for the first time while walking down the aisle, that's ok too! It is your wedding day, and I want to capture it just the way you want.

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Peterborough Wedding Photographers

Family portraits are super important and usually happen after the first look, or just after the ceremony. You might consider letting your family know about the portraits in advance, that way all your loved ones are in the right location at the right time. Enlist help! I recommend designating a wedding party member, friend or family member to round up your loved ones. By doing this, family portraits will commence smoothly and without stress. Please a lot 30-45 minutes in your timeline for family portraits.

wedding party PORTRAITS

Portraits of each individual side of the wedding party are typically captured just after the getting ready moments. Portraits of the entire of wedding party as a group are typically captured after the first look or after the family portraits. Please a lot 30-45 minutes in your timeline for wedding party portraits.

Couples Portraits

I recommend three times throughout your wedding day for couples portraits. If you choose to have a first look, this will be the first time we would do couples portraits for about 15 minutes after you see each other. After the ceremony would be the second time for couples portraits. This can happen right after the ceremony or after family and wedding party portraits. Sunset and twilight is the third time recommend for couples portraits. I always love stealing away with you at sunset, for dreamy sunset portraits. This is a time for just the two of you. During the summer months, this is usually scheduled during your dinner, or the beginning of your dance. We make our way outside for 30 minutes before the sun goes down.


Outdoor ceremonies in the middle of the afternoon on a beautiful summer day, or any day for that matter, are absolutely lovely. Here are some helpful tips to have the most amazing images. Please be mindful of where you choose to set up your ceremony. A shady spot is the best idea, as it provides beautiful even natural light. As well, if choosing a spot with full sun, the sun can be very intense for both yourselves and your guests. If a shady spot is not available, putting the sun behind you is the best option, as it will backlight your ceremony. During the summer months, it is best to avoid peak afternoon hours between 12-3, as the light can be harsh and temperatures can run high. Choose a ceremony time after 3pm, or for the best possible light choose a golden hour ceremony two hours before sunset. If you are planning an indoor ceremony, choosing a space with lots of big windows allowing lots of natural light to flow in would be best to ensure beautiful photos. A fun tip to involve your guests during your ceremony would be to let them throw confetti or rose petals at you as you exit the ceremony!


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I think that it is fantastic guest are so excited about your wedding day and that they want to document it too. However, devices like cell phones and iPads can be very distracting for you and your guests. When looking back through your wedding images, or in the actual moment, you would much rather see your guests emotionally involved and present in your ceremony, instead of having a device in front of their face.

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event, so you might consider an unplugged ceremony. Kindly ask your guests to put away their devices, so that they may 100%, whole-heartedly be present and celebrate your beautiful day with you.

A tip to inform your guests about your unplugged ceremony would be to have your officiant announce it or a sign they might read. Also, a suggestion would be to make your ceremony interactive. Throw leaf confetti {linked HERE} or lavender when your ceremony comes to an end and you walk back down the aisle together.

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Lighting is a very important factor in planning your wedding day, especially when it comes to your reception. When choosing your venue, consider the lighting. The best light for receptions includes a mix of window, candle and warm soft lighting. Bistro style sting lights is another fantastic way to add a bit more beautiful ambient light. Adding DJ dance lighting to your dance portion of the evening provides festive atmosphere and makes for more dynamic pictures.

Some helpful tips when planning your reception include: Try to seat your photographers as close to the head table as possible, ideally among your guests. There are so many great moments that occur during your dinner that we will miss if we are not in the room. We always love to get to know your guests and how they are connected to you. Sit super close to one another during speeches and try to ensure there is a clear view of the two of you at the head table. Consider avoiding tall centrepieces sitting in front of you. Avoid harsh colourful lighting such as bright red, green or pink as these colours can distort skin tones and be very distracting. Avoid putting your speech area in front of the doors to the bar, kitchen or the DJ equipment. This will ensure an uncluttered background of your loved ones giving speeches and toasts.


If you are searching for some awesome vendors I have had the honour of working with many talented people. Here is a list of some of my favourites:







florals, planning &&and decor


nail art

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