Aleisha Boyd Photography Peterborough Wedding Photographer


Hey there- I am Aleisha! Thanks so much for dropping in. Before we get started, you should know I love a good love story and capturing one is equally my favourite. My husband and I first met in high school, would you believe we were high school band geeks together? Yep! We didn’t start our love story until third year University when he finally mustered up the courage to ask me out on a date and I’m so glad he did. In 2010 we moved into our forever home in the country and in 2011 we were married under a big old tree in our front yard. Then in 2018 our love grew one hundred million times more when we welcomed our beautiful baby girl into this world!

A few more things you should know about me:

  1. I love living in the quiet countryside with my husband Matt and daughter Evelynne.
  2. As a little girl, my mom and I would sit on the front porch on a rainy day and listen to the rain and thunder. Now that I have my own front porch I still listen to thunderstorms and watch the rain and I can’t wait to do it this with Evelynne this summer.
  3. I love spending time at the lake with my family. Canoeing, fishing, swimming, riding the waves behind a boat on an inner tube. My family has been visiting the same lake since my grandmother was born. I love family traditions and I am so excited for my daughter to grow up swimming and splashing in the very same lake I did.

Recently I was attending a workshop and we all played a game called ‘would you rather’ to get to know one another and I loved it. I am going to ask you a question on my contact page so it’s only fair that I answer the very same question. “Would you rather eat pizza for every meal or ice cream for every meal?” I think I ate pizza three times a week when I was pregnant with my daughter! Pregnancy cravings were real, haha! Also, I think I make a pretty mean homemade pizza.


My love of natural beauty and the outdoors is woven into the images I take, which are simple and timeless.  I focus on my couples– capturing their emotions and memories as they are experiencing them.
I cherish the lasting relationships that are built with all of my clients. I am a fun, outgoing, and down-to-earth person keen to be a part of your emotional and exciting journey.  I love LOVE and I can’t wait to learn about your love story and capture your beautiful moments. We should chat over coffee or tea about the amazing moments in your life that you would love to capture! 
Head on over to the contact page I would love to get to know you!