Nestleton Waters Inn WeddingMercedes & Rob

How did we meet?

November 2014 – I had recently moved back home from Toronto and went to a bonfire party around Burketon with my best friend Candice and Rob was at the same party. He was actually good friends and neighbors with Candice’s boyfriend. We hung out with some of the same people so I’m pretty sure we had crossed paths back in high school. After that night we had run into each other again at some parties and he got my number and we went out and here we are!

Engagement Story:

We had talked a lot about the idea of getting married and of course I had showed him styles of rings I liked – we had planned a night away in Niagara Falls with our good friends. They had never done the Maid of the Mist before so we decided to go. We were all in our lovely red ponchos and we had goten right to the falls and we got soaked! I thought we were taking a picture and before I knew it Rob was down on one knee asking me to marry him. I was shocked I think I even swore lol I was so surprised. I of course said yes! This was September 10th, 2016

Top 3 Best Moments during our wedding day and why:

First I would have to say would be getting to the the aisle and seeing Rob standing at the other end waiting for me. It is my favourite and our favourite because that is what it is all about – the two of us getting ready to spend the rest of our lives together. Second I think would be the speeches. I don’t think you can know really what to expect or what your family and friends are going to say. But I must say we were so impressed everyone did amazing! My Dad’s speech was definitely my personal favourite and I was certainly not expecting such a heartfelt and funny speech. Third we would have to say would be the party! After all the speeches, dinner and pictures are done everyone just gets to let loose and enjoy themselves. After all everyone’s hard work you get to have some drinks and just enjoy your wedding night.

Top Favourite Wedding Details:

Hard to say because everything came together perfectly, just how I envisioned it. If I had to pick couple specific things I would have to say my florals – the greenery, hydrangeas, thistles and pops of deep red. It was everything I wanted and more. One of my other favourites was our “place cards” we went and hand picked over 150 apples. We had printed craft paper tags with everyones name and meal and attached them to each apple. It was a lot of work but it looked beautiful and helped give the room a pop of colour. Plus we love fall and I love to go apple picking so it was another way we could incorporate a bit more of us. One more favourite detail (other then our obviously stunning venue which speaks for itself) would have to be our wedding gifts/favours. We gave out little pine trees to our guests – it was another way for us to bring the outdoors into our wedding and hopefully a way to give back to everyone with a piece to remember the day by. Our gifts to the wedding party were custom Yeti mugs and wine glasses. We loved being able to do this as it again was a great representation of us. We love Yeti products and wanted to give our wedding party a gift they would definitely use again. Everyone loves them!

Piece of Advice for other couples getting married:

If I could give one piece of advise to other couples it would be – take your time. Enjoy the planning of your wedding, I know it can be stressful and busy at times but it will come and go so quickly. You will want to remember this time so just enjoy each other and every stage of the process!