Year OneEvelynne

Dear Evelynne,

Since having you arrive, life and memories have taken on a whole new meaning. Memories are so fleeting and I want to remember everything. You are a whole year old and I can’t believe it. I think I cried every day this month thinking about how much you have grown and how tiny you were. I looked at a photograph from when you were very small and your sweet little smile triggered the water works. You have shown me how to be a mom. You picked me, and although there are times when I feel like a huge failure at it, you light up my day and tell me otherwise. You are inspiring, a light so beautiful. You are joyful and smiley. Your little giggle kills me. You are a chatterbox and I can’t wait until you can actually say words. I love your little wiggle when you dance. Your snuggles are the absolute best. I love it when you scrunch up your nose when you smile. I love your sense of wonder and excitement as you learn and discover the world. I love you so darn much and I am excited to watch you as you grow into a beautiful little human being.  Love, Mommy


P.S. Friends document your families. With your phones, your cameras, have a photographer take your photos. Do what it takes to document your memories you will be sad if you don’t.





Thank you so much to the lovely ladies that took my little fan jam’s photos you’re all sweethearts!

Jenn Austin Driver PhotographyKaitlyn Marie PhotographyErin Lester PhotographyChristine Reid Photography, and Scarlet O’Neill Photography,