Northview Garden’s WeddingDanielle and Scott

I am super excited to be sharing Danielle and Scott’s wedding at Northview Gardens. One of my favourite moments from their wedding day was when Scott saw Danielle for the first time. Scott is not a guy who loves lots of public displays of affection especially with me present, but he did admit to loving his engagement session with his wife to be Danielle because he got to snuggle and kiss her lots. How cute is that?! The moment when Scott sees Danielle for the first time he broke down and expressed all his emotions so much so his glasses had to come off his face so he could wipe his tears away.

Here is more from the sweet couple and their favourite moments of their day.

How did you meet?

Our first time meeting was in 2014 when we were both attending teachers college at Queen’s University in Kingston.  I was going to school to become an elementary school teacher and Scott was going to school to become a high school construction teacher.  We met in the workshop at school when Scott helped me to make a canoe paddle for my environmental education class.

Tell me about your engagement story?

Almost every summer my family spends time at a cottage on Anstruther Lake.  Scott has joined us at the cottage every summer since we have been together.  This cottage is one of my favourite places on Earth and our time spent there as a family is really special.  In 2017, my family had plans to spend Labour Day weekend at the cottage.  Scott decided that he really wanted to propose to me on that weekend, but the ring wasn’t going to be ready before he headed up to the cottage on the Thursday.  So he enlisted his cousin to pick up the ring and deliver it to the cottage on the Saturday.  Scott told us that his cousin was working in Apsley that day and that he was going to stop by the cottage for a visit – I didn’t suspect anything!  His cousin came up to the cottage and we went out on the boat to go fishing.  When we got back to the cottage Scott got down on one knee and proposed to me on the dock in front of my family.  Of course I said yes!

What are your top 3 best moments that happened during your wedding day and why they are your favourite?

It’s so hard to choose just 3 favourite moments! But here we go…

1) Our favourite moment from our wedding day was sitting at our sweetheart table at dinnertime and looking out at all of our loved ones who were there to celebrate with us on our big day.  The love and support from our family and friends meant the world to us.  We couldn’t have asked for anything better than spending the day with all of our closest family, friends and loved ones.  Sitting at our sweetheart table at dinner gave us the opportunity to look out at all of our loved ones who were there for us on our special day.  We took that moment to soak it all in.

2) Speeches have always been one of my favourite parts of a wedding.  I love to hear stories about the bride and groom from their family members and friends, and a good speech often makes me cry!  So to listen to speeches from our family and friends on our wedding day was a really special part of the day.  Scott’s best man, made an amazing speech that had us both in tears with laughter – I wish that someone had caught it on video so that we could rewatch it and laugh!

3) We really enjoyed our cocktail hour.  Part of the reason that we decided to do a “first look” was to have that time during the cocktail hour to enjoy with our family and friends instead of spending the entire time taking pictures.  We always said that our wedding day would be the one time that we would have all of our family and friends in one place – when else is that going to happen?  So we really enjoyed our time spent visiting, laughing and talking with all of our favourite people.

What are your top favourite wedding detail?

Our sweetheart table was our favourite wedding detail. Scott made the table for our wedding and it was beautifully decorated by Diana McCulloch. Diana McCulloch also did an amazing job with all of the other decorations and flowers. I was absolutely in love with my bouquet. We also loved our venue. We had the ceremony and reception at Northview Gardens and it was beautiful. Many of our guests commented on how much they liked our venue and how they thought that it suited us perfectly. And of course we need to give a shout out to our amazing photographer, Aleisha Boyd! She beautifully captured out wedding day.

A piece of advice for other couples getting married.

Take a few moments during your wedding day to stop and soak it all in. It all goes by so fast, so make sure to slow down and to enjoy the little moments.