Heintzman House WeddingLoretta & Dave

I first met Loretta and Dave for their engagement session last summer. They came all the way from the city to meet me and brought me a bottle of wine. It was like I was meeting with old friends they knew me so well already! HAHA! Little did they know that when they handed me that lovely bottle of wine I had a surprise for them that I was expecting.  They were the first of my clients I had told my news too and they were so excited and so kind. They have to be two of the sweetest people and I am so honoured to have had the privilege to document their wedding day as well. Here is little of their beautiful love story and my favourite moments from their wedding at the Heintzman House this past fall.

How did you meet?

“Our first time meeting was actually on Dave’s 25th birthday, which was February 2nd 2016. He was leading a young adults group at a local church and it was my first time visiting, but we didn’t end up talking the first night. It wasn’t until a few weeks later when we were at the church for a games night that we started to talk. A couple weeks later we went to a music night near by with another friend of ours. After we dropped him off at his house, Dave drove me home, and we sat on my parents couch till 3AM talking about life and getting to know each other, and playing with my dog, Henry. By the end of the night Dave had said he was wondering if we could go on a date some time, I thought he was pretty cute, so I said yes.”

Our Engagement story:

“It was December 11th 2016, and we went to see Dave’s family, who live in Perth Ontario. Our first night there, and around 9PM, Dave asked me if I wanted to take a walk in to town to see the Christmas tree display. So we bundled up and Dave walked us over to a sheltered area that was lit by a street light in the centre of town. Dave said he had a gift for me, and opened his backpack he had brought, he handed me a personalized book entitled ‘The Story of Us’. It was filled with cartoon characters of us and of my dog, Henry. The pages were lined with different memories that we had gone through together so far, and a few of his hopes for our future. On the last page, the cartoon character had a speech bubble above his head with the words ‘Will you marry me?’. For some reason, reading those words didn’t really click in, and I simply wiped the tears from my eyes and gave Dave a big hug. He smiled at me, but then he realized I had finished the book, and I watched as he quickly scrambled for something in his coat pocket and dropped to one knee. When he pulled out the ring and asked me to be his wife, all I could say was ‘wait, what are you doing?!’. But after he asked a few more times, my shock disappeared, and I yelled my answer, “yes, of course!”. Now, when we tell people that story, the awkwardness of how everything happened has become our favourite part; because we consider ourselves to be awkward people in general, so it just makes sense.”

Top 3 best wedding moments:

1) “Seeing Dave at our ‘first look’ was one of the best parts of our wedding. We had been debating whether we wanted to have a private moment together as our first look, or if seeing each other at the alter would be okay. I am so thankful we chose to see each other before the wedding. Seeing his face when he saw me in my dress was one of my favourite life moments; made even better by the fact that our photographer, Aleisha Boyd, was able to capture it. Also, being able to get a hug from my soon to be husband made all my nervousness about the day just disappear.”

2) “Dave and I chose to have the worship team from our church play two of our favourite songs before we began the official ceremony. It was really important for us to acknowledge our faith in that moment, and celebrate our lives that had been brought together by God. Having those songs included in our wedding also gave us some time to take in the moment, and exchange a few comforting glances and hand squeezes with each other to settle those ‘pre-vow’ nerves.”

3) “At the end of our wedding ceremony, we had a moment to look out and see all of our family and friends that had come together to celebrate with us. It was amazing to realize the amount of support we had behind us as we got married, both literally and figuratively. We both know that we will probably never have all those people in a room together again, so it is definitely a moment we treasure. What did you envision your wedding being prior to planning? I had always known that I wanted to be married and have a family, but I didn’t put much thought in to an actual wedding until I met Dave. I had hoped it would be a carefree day of bringing all our families together with our friends to celebrate the next step in our lives. Of course every girl hopes their Father will be there to walk with them down the isle, but since my Dad died two years ago, that was not going to be a reality for me. Instead, I was so thankful to have my brother walk me down the isle, which was another moment my heart will treasure.”

Piece of advice for brides-to-be:

“Don’t stress over the little things, because on your day, I promise, you won’t care about anything except marrying your husband. You two, and your marriage are all that truly matters. I look back on all the days I sat in tears over little details: would people be late on the day? What if my hair didn’t look right? What if it rains? What if they hate the decorations? It doesn’t matter! You won’t remember any little thing that goes wrong; you’ll only remember what went right, and how happy you are with the guy you love.”