Camp Timberlane WeddingLori & Simon

Like many of my couples I first met Lori and Simon over social media. We had an amazing conversation about their engagement session (which you can view HERE) and the fantastic wedding weekend away they were creating for all their friends and family, an exciting weekend adventure in Haliburton, Ontario at Camp Timberlane.

How did the two of you meet and fall in love?

“We actually met online. He was in Vancouver and I was in Ontario (SO how did you find each other?) great question! I have a close friend in Vancouver and she was online dating she asked me to search the guy she was dating (now married to) and I forgot to revert my search BACK to Ontario… I hit the flirt button for Simon… we then became pen pals for 4 months and finally met in person. I moved out West to be with him and 5 years later we got married.”

How and why did you plan your wedding evening the way that you did?

“Simon and I both share a love for the outdoors, for travel and for enjoying the little things in life. We thought about a church, a backyard, golf course and more but when we came across the Camp idea – there was no other way. We were able to have 2 days with our family and friends, share stories, drinks and laughs over a bonfire both nights. We watched our family enjoy the lake the morning of the wedding – paddle boarding, swimming, playing on water trampolines. My sister lead 2 yoga classes and somehow we even squeezed in a ball hockey game. It was everything we could have wanted for our special day/weekend.”

Simon’s favourite moment?

“This is an easy and obvious answer, the moment I saw her walking down the aisle. She looked perfect and very happy, and… slightly nervous. The ceremony was held on the shore of a lake under a tall stand of pine trees. Guests were sat on large round logs, and one of our friends was playing our entrance song on the guitar. It was a great moment.”

Lori’s favourite moment?

“Aside from getting to marry my best friend? There was a moment on Friday night where my husband and I walked (alone) for a few minutes and approached the bonfire. We stopped and gripped hands and just took a breath as we looked down at the beach, where all our family and friends were blending together for the first time over a fire, drinks in hand, music by guitar, it was a small moment in a very big weekend – but a moment I will never forget.”

Advice for couples who are currently planning their wedding?

“My biggest piece of advice is to marry the way YOU want to marry. We had many people commenting to us at first about the Camp and how it is not traditional and it will be hard on parents etc etc… it is hard to please everyone but just remember this is YOUR day! Also, it is a lot of work but I promise it is worth it all- so in those stressful times just remember to breathe and remind yourself as to why your doing it all – to marry your partner – celebrate with everyone close to you. It is so hard to get everyone together as we grow up and this day is yours.”


Florist: Suzy and Zara Caiger with Keswick Flowers

Makeup Artist: Ommmh Studio – Emmy Lester

Hair Artist: Ommmh Studio – Kristen Campbell

Dress: Truvell Bridal – Nicolet Dress with Waterfall skirt in Almond Chiffon

Suit: Tip Top Tailor

Officiant: Denise Waldron

Invitations: Custom made by Bride and Groom -printed at the Printing House

Location/Caterer: Camp Timberlane – Haliburton, ON