Beautiful Backyard Wedding in Omemee, OntarioElla & Darryl

I am super excited to be sharing this lovely backyard wedding in Omemee. I first met Ella and Darryl at their families farm for their engagement session (view it HERE). We explored the property together and got to know each other. We had an amazing time. Their session was full of laughs, running, piggy back rides, couples yoga (yes I said couples yoga) and frolicking in the fields! I just loved how adventurous Ella and Darryl are and how they were up for anything and their wedding day was no different. Their day may have had some rain here and there, but that didn’t stop them from having an amazing day. Their wedding day was full of running, frolicking, acro dances, laughter and a whole lot a love.

Ella and Darryl’s Love Story:

The beginning of ‘Ella and Darryl’ happened by meeting on the dance floor at a friend’s wedding in August 2013, but there were twists, turns and connections before that day.  Let’s just say they have a lot of mutual friends.  Darryl is from Orangeville and Ella from Kingston.  They each had friends from their home towns.  Darryl went to McMaster University and Ella, the University of Toronto.  Darryl actually lived with one of Ella’s friends from high school in under grad and then later Ella’s friend Dave.  Dave and Ella were in the same physiotherapy program in Toronto.  The McMaster physio group became friends with the University of Toronto physio group.  Needless to say, the inter-connectedness is extensive.  The night on the dance floor was really ‘perfect timing’.  As Ella relays, they caught each other’s attention really for the first time.  They talked, danced, and laughed all night long.  After that, there were consecutive weekend hangouts between Toronto and Hamilton.  Since December 2013 they have, for the most part, been inseparable.  Darryl moved to Toronto in September 2014 for his first job in his chosen engineering career and in June 2015, he and Ella moved in together.

Darryl relayed that he really wanted to propose in 2016, but he was feeling nervous about the ring purchase, not about the idea of marrying Ella as that was long settled.  Darryl found the perfect ring in August and within two days, he proposed.  Considering they both enjoy a laid back attitude, Darryl concluded that however he proposed, he knew Ella would appreciate it.

So, on August 13th, they went on a bike ride, played cribbage at a brewery, and watched an amazing thunderstorm.  Back home Darryl got out his guitar and played a song he wrote when he and Ella first started dating.  They were just sitting together when Darryl said, “My heart is beating really fast”, then he got down on one knee and proposed.  Ella said there was absolutely no hesitation on her part to say, “Yes”!  To finish off an already amazing day, they went for pizza and a beer at their favorite pizza place.

What were some of your most favourite parts of your wedding day?

Running up behind Darryl and giving him a big squeeze at our first look.  When we saw the spot of blue sky 30 minutes before the ceremony and we knew we would get to have the ceremony outside.  Our acro dance and the fact that we didn’t fall on our faces.  Hearing the awesome speeches from our family and friends.

Any wedding planning advice you’d like to share? 

Soak in the day, the small details don’t matter (or the big ones, like the weather) it is the best day ever no matter what!