Belcroft Estates WeddingRyley & Jeremy

I am super excited that wedding season had officially arrived! I am equally thrilled to be sharing Ryley and Jeremy’s lovely wedding at the beautiful Belcroft Estates with you! While the ladies got ready in their own private salon, the guys hung out in a fancy man cave with vintage cars and played pool. Jeremy and Ryley met each other at the alter with nothing but smiles, love and affection for one another. Those smiles and laughter didn’t quit all day. Here is more of Ryley and Jeremy’s beautiful love story:

Jeremy and Ryley first meet through friends at the end of my grade 12 year,  but reconnected a year later at school. “In the Summer of 2007, they met for the first time through mutual friends. Nearly a year and half later Ryley and Jeremy reconnected when Ryley recognized him on campus. It didn’t take much time before they were inseparable!” In November 2015 with their love for country music Ryley and Jeremy took to the road and drove down to Nashville, TN. They were about half way through their trip and had enjoyed countless tourist “hot spots” like The Kentucky Corvette Museum, The Grand Ole Opry, The Country Music Hall of Fame and…a Toronto Maple Leafs game in Nashville! However, the highlight of their trip was when Jeremy proposed!! After 7 wonderful years together “It’s about time” almost slipped out of Ryley’s mouth! An already great trip got even better! 

What is one of your favourite details from planning your wedding?

I loved that the wedding was such a family event….beautiful Belcroft Estates is owned by my Aunt and Uncle. Another Aunt is a Judge and performed our wonderful ceremony. Another Aunt arranged all of the flowers and they looked amazing – the lanterns and bouquets were perfect. We loved the family involvement in making our day so amazing!

What was one of the most memorable parts of the day?

When I was a kid at our family cottage Grandma would always do the rain dance to get the rain to stop so that we could go outside and play. After the ceremony we all walked away done the isle and my Aunt Carolyn who performed the ceremony came up to me and said that Grandma must have done the rain dance! That was the first time I truly broke down crying, but I was so happy because I knew she probably did! This was the best rain dance…she would dance and since around the cottage and get us all to join in! (Grandma had passed away October 2015)

Any wedding planning advice you’d like to share?

Take the help your friends and family will offer! It took me a long time to finally accept it, but once I did I couldn’t have kept my sanity without it.

Relax and enjoy the day!

I realized the day before our wedding that you can’t control everything…it took my husband breaking his wrist before our rehearsal to realize that it was only me that would know if everything went “perfectly”. Things will inevitably happen that you wont be able to control, but it will be okay! It is one of the best days of your life!